Early am fog at Chesapeake City

Turkey point Elk River

Bridge over bay at Annapolis

Another view of that big bridge

Us at ego alley Annapolis

Finally we re really using
the front end sail to Solomon island

Becky and Lauren visit the travelers in Annapolis

Is that Captain Bills new boat?

October 26, 2014

Monday: We had a nice afternoon on that Sunday, and Monday the whole Chesapeake City seem quieter. 'Ate again in the basement of "Bayard's" restaurant last night which is referred to as "The hole in the wall". We were anxious about getting out after the trauma of the mud on Saturday. We did go back to the "Bohemia Bakery" though for breakfast. Like we used to say back in the State Police, if things are going to go wrong, better to have a full belly before it happens. Let's go eat. The tide was right upon leaving and we pulled off that dock like champs, and holy cow, did we. The tide had to be really right, as I was cranking over six knots before we even got settled in. The C&D Canal's last three miles going west is prettier than the eastern part. There are some really nice residences and as it opens up to the Elk River it is a great ride. A nice day begins. Lisa calls her Mom, while I keep reading about the distances to get us to tonight. Our friends Rudy and Christine are planning on Fairlee Creek and so was I, until I read it was tricky to navigate. Not looking for tricky, if I don't have to. Still Pond was my first choice. I can deal with "Still" easier than "tricky". However, the south wind got bigger and bigger and soon enough it was not a pleasant ride anymore. It was only about 1pm. We already passed Still Pond. What now? Ok, I saw a place called "Worton Creek" and if we start bearing east we'll get out of these swells. Ooh, waves on the nose, makes Lisa look up from crocheting and say, "I really like the rocking". Well that's good, better than the other way. Now it's time to buckle down and watch the laptop screen (Thanks, James, for the use of that laptop) and do some steering. A lot of seven foot of depth and we see a neat creek which did have a mooring field. It's only 1:45 or so and I see a an empty face dock which looks good. We take it. Always use a chance like this to get Anchor to some dirt. In about 90 seconds I'm in a conversation with a guy about our boats and then comes Jordan the owner. No problem he says, you can dock there. Water, electric, showers and "dirt". We take it. We are not near any civilization but we have a supply of everything. Lisa makes a salad and chicken stroganoff. Perfect, I mean poof, that's the end of this day. By the way Jordan had a puppy retriever. You know the rest of that story. Anchor was snarly and growly and all put out.

Tuesday: In the morning Jordan offers us a free pumpout that we needed badly and we're off again, making our way back out into the channel. It takes a while to get out there again, but it is another wonderful day. We can see the bridge near Annapolis, but it is many, many miles away. We will look at the bridge get bigger all day long. And we do. At one point we reach a "green" that we could have hung a right turn and went directly to Baltimore. We decide more time in Annapolis was better than splitting it with Baltimore. By 1:30 we are getting under that ever present bridge and it's history. We are approaching Annapolis Harbor. About six US Navy Patrol boats are coming out as we are inbound and there are other various forms of traffic too, but it's not really crowded. Just that we need to go slow to decipher where it is we are going. There's a bunch of moorings and some work boats working in the mooring field. We see the City Marina and a gas pump dock. That's another one of my favorites, a big face dock. We pull in and out comes a young lady that tells me I can take slip three down this fairway and someone will be there to help. I want to look at it first. There is a lot big expensive boats down there. After walking down the dock to look, I return to the young lady and advise her I am not going down to that slip. No need to explain as she would not care, I'm sure. We're off again under way. Channel 17 is the City of Annapolis Harbor Master. We call on the radio and find we can take any white mooring ball in the field. We pick one and call back to advise, and shortly thereafter is a Harbor Patrol boat at our side to collect, and give us some information. Really nice guy. So we soon call the water taxi and go to shore for three dollars a piece and grab a meal at the "Federalist" restaurant. Coming back on the water taxi, another 6 dollars. Poof, we're sleeping in Annapolis!

Wednesday: A really rainy day. Still, we're going to be here for a while so I put on the best rainy foul weather stuff and down with the dingy. It makes no sense to keep paying 12 dollars every time in and out. That's money better spent on food and beer, not wasted! Now Wednesday, Thursday and Friday all blend together. We shopped for groceries by walking a couple miles, buying as much as we could and taking a taxi back. I decided these summer keens were done and got some Sperry boots as my feet were not happy being told it is perpetually Summer when it is clearly not. My daughter comes to visit on Friday and we eat at "Buddies Rib and Crab House" and we have had a decent fill of Annapolis and plan to leave on Saturday. The Harbor Master's Office is a very friendly place for us. You get tokens for a bathroom and shower too. The whole mooring field is on video you can see it when you pay your fees there. "Ego Alley" you can dock at for $2.25/foot. We didn't need to bolster the ego any more so we stayed on the mooring. But we did see boats coming in that clearly needed to be in "Ego Alley".

Saturday: We're out of there. Planned on 8am and sure enough, it is 9:30, but we are moving with high hopes of Solomon's Island. This was the first day I can say with certainty, we sailed. OK, we motor/sailed. Attaining the lofty speed of 7.7kts for quite some time we arrived at Back Creek at about 4:30. Forty five miles done with a really neat NW wind pushing us along. A pretty busy Saturday out there too, with some barges and commercial ships using some space. We had to come up the Patuxent River to the Back Creek and wind our way a bit to where we heard there are some nice moorings. They are at Zahniser's Marina, and now so are we. A very boaty community here. There are a gazillion boats in this creek, and some spectacular ones too, just like the other places. As I sit and write outside at Zahniser's, a few people have come along to ask where we are from and where are we going? To my surprise two couples from here are planning to cruise and want to ask us some questions about our trip. Imagine that! People asking us about cruising. Yeah, we have 41 one days in, so we have answers. We are in the mix of a culture that just shares information, no matter what. I guess it's all really good. I just asked a nice lady about ice and jeepers, she brought us hers because she's from here and doesn't really need it. How special is that. So I'm going to the boat with ice, and tomorrow: 8am, no fooling around, we are head south to somewhere. By next week we should be in the ICW. I'm looking for to "poof" in a few hours.

Stay tuned: PS Dennis is now at Annapolis and all's ok with him too.



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