At rest in Marlboro

A bit of Tappan Zee from below

The GW bridge

NYC daytime view

NYC at night

A walk in Central Park

I got my PFD, my knapsack, my dog, yep
I'm ready to rodeo dinghy ride

October 4, 2014

Monday: We pull out onto "Roundout Creek" this morning to get on down the River, as they say. Kingston, although kind of neat, was lacking for us. We're going to try to make Newburgh, but after writing the last installment of this journal, it got to be one o'clock. A beautiful ride on the Hudson, it was. So empty on the water. Yes, a barge or two and some vessel sightings, but just no volume of people. This should be about 34 miles, I thought, but it is going slow. 5.85 knots is only 4.5 after the current effects us. We might make it, but the clouds are forming and it is going to get dusk before we arrive, so I call where we thought we were going, to discover it's changed: and not a free dock overnight for dining there. Crap, we better bail out now while it's still light. A couple of choices in the guide later, and we are at the West Shore Marina, in Marlboro, NY. Never heard of it, but two guys came out onto the dock to help us and we are tied up and headed to the "Racoon Saloon" on foot with a Chihuahua in a bag. Walking is a great thirst and hunger builder and the saloon was wonderful. We are struck by the train traffic and this marina is on the tracks. At many stops, and during the day we see, hear and feel the trains both freight and Amtrak passenger trains. (oh yes, Poof the day was over) This was a nice working kind of marina, but we're up and out by 8:45, because this tide thing has to be figured out in our favor.

Tuesday: Don't know where to end up today, but leaving way earlier than yesterday gives us more options. We did it right today. Knotmeter 5.8 kts. and 'Speed over Ground", 7.3 knots. We're doing good and the sights never end. The River becomes twisty and turny and some chart watching and collaborating on steerage is necessary. We go by "West Point" and the "Bear Mt. Bridge" and things are getting "buzzier". I mean, you can just start to feel the urban environment happening all around. However, we are just observers because the river is not busy at all. Some of those "Captains of Industry" must have hung out here as you can view these mansions with castle spars and fine brick corners on them. After Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant we start to lose our energy and decide to hunt for a spot. We wind up at the "Half Moon Bay Marina" on the East shore of Haverstraw Bay, and it's only about 2pm. We did make a phone call to be sure on our steering and the marina manager was very helpful and was there for us. There is a wave wall here so you can't see anything until you go around the wall, but it has always seemed to work out, and we backed into our slip for the night. Steve the manager was very helpful. He offered a discount if we'd stay another night. Don't know yet. Walking to the store, we discover it is too far to walk back with "stuff" so we call "J&L Cab service. It took about 20 minutes to get the ride done and cost seven dollars. Not bad. We ate left over chicken sandwiches late so diner didn't feel like a mandate today. It seems good to relax, so we decide to stay another night. Now we've got all the next day which will be Wednesday.

Wednesday: Lisa did some heroic cleaning today (not only today, by the way. She cleaned all day while we were underway from Kingston to Marlboro. Shouldn't leave that out) on the boat while I put together our bicycles and by 1pm we were riding. Riding to get more stuff we think we need is the goal. We ride to Ossining to a NAPA store and back sort of successfully. Anchor is in the bag. We heard about a splendid seafood place, so the end of our bike ride is to check out this seafood place to see if we can walk it. No, can't walk it. Anchor is tired and worn out enough that we leave her on the boat (ALONE!) and ride our bikes to the "Ocean House" seafood place. Great food. We're back and poof the day is over.

Thursday: Taking a day off from travel is a good thing. It makes you giddy to get off to the next unknown spot. So, we want to use that current and leaving early as possible is our best bet. We're gone at 8:45am to head more south, of course. But where will we end? It should be nearly the end. Like NYC. The "Big Apple". How crazy is that. We do good. Knotmeter says 5.8, sog says 7.9. Crazy good, and we are moving really nice. The Tappan Zee flys by overhead and so does the George Washington Bridge and, holy smokes we are looking at the 79th Street Mooring balls, it appears. They're supposed to be Yellow balls for the transients...and they are. Cool. Hey, and there is "Zippy" our friends from Waterford and Kingston a few days ago who are on a ball too. Some apprehension about the current and catching the ball but do it, done, over, no big deal, and we are connected and in NYC! We eventually go in on the dinghy, but holy cow, you have some ripping water here. Almost need to be the flying Walendas to get this move done. The dinghy, the motor on it, the dog in, the garbage bag get the picture? Okay, we did it and it worked, but it'll take some getting used to: this current thing is way different than good old Seneca Lake. Got the ball for two days and here are our friends Doug and Mary. "Let's get on the subway" and hit the Staten Island ferry down at the "Battery", they say. Ok, we say, not admitting we're too tired for that. We do it with anchor in the bag on the subway and the ferry, and we are back by 11pm. The dinghy ride, for the second time only, is now, in the dark, on the river, in the current. But it works out ok, unless you ask Anchor probably. No one gets wet. BTW, Doug and Mary could not paddle their kayaks against the current. They stayed at the dock until later when it subsided. And Poof...that big day is over.

Friday: This is to be one of those relaxing days. No moving anywhere. But again, this is NYC and everywhere we look is so stimulating. There are barges and tugs to the right of us, and the Henry Hudson Parkway to the left of us, and there are numerous sailboats all around us, and the skyline is above us. How can one relax, (?)especially when going anywhere means, the exciting rodeo dinghy ride about 3/4 mile to the docks. We go in: and it is hard to relax. 79th Street to Broadway and into Central Park we walk and wander around for several hours, until tired, and we come back to the boat. We made arrangements to meet a friend down where he lives in lower Manhattan, so it's another subway ride. It's not so overwhelming today. Third time out dinghy ride gets more routine, we secure an MTA subway card and find out small contained dogs are allowed on the subway...we're big timers here now in day two. Had a really nice dinner and we were back to the boat by 11pm, and an easy dinghy ride as we're getting used to the rip roaring tidal currents in and out. What a beautiful night time skyline view here. We are so tired at the end of the really is "poof and the day is over". It is notable that today marks three weeks since we left good 'ol Watkins Glen and tomorrow we are headed to Liberty Landing Marina in Jersey City, NJ. Stay tuned and thank you for the comments this writing has invoked.


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