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Crossing Oneida Lake

September 17, 2014

The real first event on this trip is to thank everyone for their help, guidance, support and all other encouragement which brought about 2014 being the year we tried this "adventure". From 2002 until now, the people who play a role in this are countless. Some have tremendous roles and I'll bet you know who you are, I sure do. We Thank you!

With the departure on Sunday Sept. 14th the many friends on the dock was heartwarming and I was so intent on getting started I couldn't give the moment it's due, Again: Thanks for taking the walk down dock five to wave farewell. We made it to Seneca Falls by 4:45 with Tom and Margo in the "Blue Oyster" all along the way. The Monday am brought some reorganization, some new organization, some attempted organization and just some pressure relief. Tom and Margo helping all the way. We spent the whole day Monday in Seneca Falls and were visited by Lisa's grandchildren during the evening for some cockpit songs and an apple. We departed Tuesday at 9:15am.

Tuesday brings us to Baldwinsville. A great day of sun and nice temps for us to make the canal wall lock #24 by 5:30. The Lock #24 restaurant is great. So was the amenities along the wall and Anchor made "friends" with several squirrels in the park there. We were up and out around 9:15 on the way to Brewerton.

Wednesday is another great day. Sunny and pleasant for a fairly long twisty and turny Seneca River ride, only meeting three or four other boats along the way each day. We are in Brewerton by 3:15 and "parked" along the wall. A short time later we again we're blessed with friendship as Tom Vedder ("Dream Catcher" Dk#3) is nearby, and we enjoy yet another great meal at the "Waterfront" restaurant in Brewerton. This day ends by 9:30 or so.

Thursday is planned to cross Oneida Lake, as we're sitting at the very west end at Brewerton. At 6:15 weather predicted is ok, so off we go at 7:30 and cross the lake at 6kts without wind or other issues. Not even any boat traffic. It's a very quiet environment, seemingly, all the time up to this point. The Canal motto we see is :Life in the PAST lane, and it is very layed back. All lock tenders have been friendly and sincerely wish us well as we progress. 'Didn't know where to quit today but decided at Rome, we'd had enough and pulled over to the wall. This segment of the "ditch" is really a ditch, for the auto pilot steered most of the time on a perfectly straight length of waterway for miles. It was only 2:30, but that 7:30am beginning was looming large. After visiting with dock fishermen and catching up on a few phone calls, we ordered a pizza delivered to the dock...and poof, the day is over. Tomorrow, Friday, we intend to make Ilion about 25 miles down the waterway.

I hope you all are well and stay tuned for the upcoming, what ever it may be.


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