Our very beginning of the Hudson

Oh my goodness!

A sailboat again!

Some old timers at Kingston

Little Tommy Tugboat could ruin your day!

An almost perfect reflection near Troy NY

September 29, 2014

Wedneday: We are on the Waterford City dock wall and did our shopping yesterday so we need to get to Hop-o Nose to up the mast, and start down the Hudson River. Yes, finally the Hudson River. Met Doug and Mary the night before in a 37 foot sailboat. Firstimers too, from Michigan and headed for unknown locations. A lot of shoulder shrugging going on, "I don't know", to a lot of questions. We wanted to leave to get a help from outgoing tide. Not so, too foggy at 7am. We had to wait to 9am to be able to see. So we went to "Don&Pauls" for breakfast. Gone by 9:15am and thru the Federal lock with ease and down the glassy, flat, sunny, shiney, and beautiful Husdon River, where Henry was 405 years ago. Still not any traffic here and we we go until 5:10pm when we arrived at Hop-o-nose, up the skinny and a bit confusing Catskill Creek. Good thing there's two of us hashing out when and where to steer. Done. We're tied up at Hop-o-nose and waving to Doug and Mary (left Waterford one day before us), who invite us over for talk and to meet two other first timers. But first we meet Ivan (not the real spelling) from Montreal area, whose been stuck at Hop-o-nose for a long time with boat problems, but he's exceedingly happy to be on his boat anyway. We visited with everybody by a campfire for a while and poof the day is over.

Thursday: Things at Hop-o-Nose are slow. Don't ask questions just wait for it to develop. For us it developed at about 2pm after one other boat in the morning was done. I believe we are short handed. Two young bulls are running the show and it was ok, but it's just not the WG Village marina. Oh, by the way, shorthanded?, yes. a set of wires didn't get pulled out, but we didn't know it until tomorrow. Ok, mast is up and secured, so we have a beer and converse with Ivan, whose boat is next to ours, so we visited all day long. Great Guy for short. We eat at the on site restaurant which was way better than I thought it would be and poof, the day is over again.

Friday: Did I tell you the bathrooms at Hop-o-nose are about the worst so far? They are. I'll leave out the details. Ok, we just have to make electrical connections and reorganize, because our sails are out now, and we can use that space. Oops, where are some wires. Crap. That slowed us down about three hours, but we're good, we think. Peanut butter and jelly at 2pm. We get two booms on and walked to the Post Office to get our mail. Upon return we put on two head sails because the wind has quit, and then it's time for beer with Ivan again. More boats came in for mast stepping. Pierre came in next to us. Guess where from? Yep, Quebec. He's a card for sure with his little dog "Mugsie Malone". Just started sailing in April and headed to everywhere around the world. We don't even leave the boat. We do cheese, crakers, apple and poof the day is over.

Saturday: Things are going to "HOP" at Hop-o-Nose today because at least three boats are waiting in the wings to get stepped and we are in the slip. We know we're outta here immediately this am and we have a headsail to put on and do reef lines and dutchman flaking, so we want to cross the creek, as it looks like a way sweeter spot to be. Some interaction with those two young bulls happen, and we pay our bill here and over we go to "Creekside Marina", a 90 second boat trip from one side of the creek to the other. But a world of difference. Grass, gas grill, a tent, firepit, clean and nice bathrooms with shower. Oh yes, this is heavenly. Low and behold, we meet Laura, who we met several years ago because she and Bill do a sailing charter in the winter in Marathon, Florida, upon their 43 foot "Endeavor sail boat, named "Second Wind" and their Business is "Sunny Sail Charters". We use up the whole day with the mainsail and other little chores. We still have chicken uncooked we bought in Waterford, so the gas grills are looking good here and when we ask about using them Laura says she is about to cook her chicken. We all cook chicken together. Bill is out captaining some other large boat ride on the Hudson, so we don't see him but have a great chicken diner, and macaroni salad Lisa made on the boat. Jeff Dunn supplied us with a celebratory bottle of Makers Mark and Sweet Vermouth, and asti for Lisa when the mast was raised again. So this was the night and we made it such. We are living large now. Sails up on the Hudson, by the fire, sipping a MMM. Then some other boat folk show up from around this marina and we have a fire and talk a bit. They were nice people from various nearby locations that came here for a boat travel weekend and are staying on their vessels, some sail and some power. oh yes, poof the day is over.

Sunday: We'd better get going. It's too easy to squander the time and the weather has been our friend since leaving Watkins Glen 14 days ago. Lisa did laundry here yesterday and we discuss getting a ride from Laura to a Walmart but chose not to and, crank her up for southbound travel. Out the creek we go at 11am, planning to go just 21 miles to "Roundout Creek" at Kingston. A great ride with finally a lot of boat traffic. I mean, sailboats, humungous barges pushed by tugs, big cruisers and little fishing boats all zinging around the river. We had one guy in a kayak paddle up to us to compliment us on the boat. That's happened a number of times so far. "What kind of boat is that" they say. Very humbling. It's our messy, dirty, hoping to get things right someday sailboat. That's what it is. Big bridges too, and seeing them for half the day, just not getting there very well at 5.7kts reduced to 4.6 kts with the moon spinning around screwing us up. We got to get that changed somehow. Easy, very easy getting in this creek, but quite busy with boats so we take the first spot that looks good without any phone calls or other arrangements. We're in, and there is a sign that says, "dock space available". That's us. We call a number and no answer. So I walk to the Maritime Museum, and a restaurant, asking about this dock we're on to get no answers until a little boat shows up with a guy on it, I ask if he knows about this dock. He's says yes and he got my call. So, It's not anything to rave about for sure, but we make a deal and there's electric to plug into and we're done with that worry. We sit in the cockpit watching the boats go by, and there's a constant flow of them. Finally we muster our ambition and head out to look around and see a really nice little parkish waterfront with a ton of people eating at outside dining restaurants. We find a little Irish pub and spend some time there visiting with nice folks and doing the diner thing too. Anchor is hanging on Lisa's kneel not saying anything because she's getting bacon handed down to her from above the knee. We walk back to the boat meeting "izzy" the short haired Chihuahua on the way. He was struck by Anchor's long flowing hair and wanted to spend time with her, but all the owners were in agreement it was not to be. And, poof the day is over.

Stay tuned for more expoits of the LeeSeaAnne


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